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My African experience with F1 motorsport

Formula 1 race track view – Canada

As a black African from native Botswana, I found it very uncommon to talk to my peers, friends and the entire community about the world of motor sport especially formula 1. There is literally very little knowledge about this sport particularly that all F1 events are hosted overseas, in Europe, Americas, Asia etc. In to African continent, F1 motor sport is not promoted nor advertised rigorously as other sporting events/codes like soccer, athletics etc. My aim here is to rally on and create a platform for advertisement, provide in-depth knowledge in F1 motor sport to my native countrymen (Botswana) and the entire African continent. The journey begins with my humble beginnings and the love for motor sport as early as 1996 when I was an undergraduate student at our only University of Botswana.

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F1 Calendar, its practicality in 2020

The 2020 F1 season as it unfolded

The F1 motorsport 2020 season is one of its kind in the history of the sport, with speculative double headers on the cards, Silverstone and Red Bull Ring being seriously considered for this around early July 2020. The 2020 provisional calendar is so dynamic and unreliably changing based on frequent discussion outcomes and Covid-19 restrictions or at least simulations on compliance requirements. Had it not been the Covid-19 outbreak, the 2020 F1 season could be well underway, however to date, at least ten of the twenty-two races have been canceled. The season opener in Melbourne (Australia) was called off on the last hour had it not been one of the Mclaren team member who tested positive for Covid-19 pandemic.

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