Ferrari Celebrates 1000th F1 Grand Prix at Tuscan GP

Scuderia Ferrari livery - 1000th GP


Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team will be set to celebrate its 1000th Grand Prix at this weekend race event which will be organized at Mugello Circuit, Scarperia e San Piero, Tuscany, Italy. The Tuscan race event is scheduled to be organized in front of a sizable number of fans for the first time in the 2020 F1 calendar. The Maranello based F1 outfit is enduring its worst Formula One season with a car that is under performing and stuck in the mid table of the grid, but amid this difficult season, Ferrari celebrates this important milestone in F1 history. The 5.245 km Mugello Circuit is a privately owned home to the Scudaria Ferrari, which was added onto the 2020 F1 Calendar to augment the European F1 Circuits.

Preparations by FerrariLeclerc and Vettel - Ferrari 1000th GP

The Scuderia Ferrari will honor the 1000th race event by displaying SF1000 logo on the engine covers of their two F1 cars. Both cars and the driver overalls will wear a throwback livery in a shade of burgundy originally seen on the historical 125 Ferrari cars that the team made its debut with. The driver overalls will also show yellow stripes on the sides and highly visible 1000GP logo on the front end. Ferrari’s number one driver Charles Leclerc, will wear a commemorative helmet featuring the past Ferrari F1 cars. Sebastian Vettel who is destined to replace Sergio Perez at Aston Martin (Racing Point) in the 2021 season will not somehow join the party. Meanwhile, Formula One will repaint their Mercedes GT R safety cars bright red to join in on the Ferrari 1000th GP celebrations. Expectations are not high on the Ferrari’s winning in this circuit, it would have been a sweeter moment for Ferrari if the team were to win here in Mugello.

Safety Car in red colours

Performance of Ferrari in the 2020 season

Ferrari have so far failed to impress in the 2020 F1 season and they have little to celebrate at their 1000th GP. The team has so far been a mid field outfit having failed to put their two cars on Q3 sessions on several occasions. The team currently sit sixth in the constructors’ championship after a run of eight races into the season. Their worst moment came in last weekend’s Italian GP at Monza when the two drivers recorded a DNF (did not finish). Leclerc lost the rear of his Ferrari and crushed heavily on the barriers while later on Vettel had a brake failure which resulted in the second DNF for the team. The Italian GP produced one of the remarkable race with AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly taking his first F1 win while the initial race leader Hamilton who led the race from pole was handed a penalty for entering the pit lane while closed. The Mercedes driver was dropped to the last position on the grid after taking his penalty, eventually he came 7th at the end of the race.

Why Ferrari car is under performing?Charles Leclerc in Ferrari 100th GP suit

With the 1000th GP taking place at Mugello Circuit this weekend it is interesting to see what is the approach by Ferrari to salvage something out of the race for their beloved fans around the world. Surely Vettel has lost motivation and desire to drive for the prancing horse, his mind is focused on Aston Martin project next year. Much of the responsibility lies on the young shoulders of Charles Leclerc who is the only hope for the team to make a statement. In the 2019 F1 season, the Ferrari car was right there at the level of the Mercedes W10 but 2020 has seen the team move two or three steps backwards, they are nowhere near the top spots on the grid. Their car seems to lack downforce and speed on the straights particularly on high speed corners. Initially there was hope when the “party mode” was banned at the Italian GP in Monza but that did not bear any fruits, in fact it was disastrous for the Scuderia.

Other special events at Mungello

It is has been arranged that the son of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher, Mick who prides his trade at Formula Two (F2) will drive the F2004, the last of his father title winning armory. Schumacher Junior will drive the car around the Mugello circuit before the start of the race on Sunday, a perfect way to celebrate 1000th GP according to Ferrari. The youngster, now 21, is believed to be on the brink of pouncing into the F1 elite series, with a couple of teams keeping a close eye on his developmental steps. Truly the youngster is talented, but whether he’s comparable to his father that remains to be seen, currently he’s second in the F2 championship trailing the British driver Callum Llot. So Ferrari cannot wait to bring back the name Schumacher back on their brand, a partnership that has everlasting memories.

Predictions at Mugello Circuit

It remains to be seen on what will unfold at Mugello circuit as the F1 entourage enters an unfamiliar territory for the first time in the hybrid era. It seems as if every team and driver alike will be starting on a clean slate not knowing what to expect except the Ferrari drivers who usually use the circuit as their test home ground and the Kimi Raikkonen who’s been around the circuits for quite a long time. Starting form Monza the “party mode” was banned and every team uses the settings from the qualifying sessions which somehow levels off the playing field. We have seen how the Italian GP unfolded and the unexpected surprise race winner in the form of Pierre Gasly. So one would wonder whether the SF1000 would rise to the party celebrations, or the W11 silver arrows would spoil the party and not forgetting orange army may also sneak in uninvited. The true race pace and qualifying sessions would somehow give us a glimpse of what to expect on Sunday and never rule a whether conditions which may also play a bigger part. Well, most races a won from pole position, so let’s see who claims the number one spot on the grid and sit back, relax and enjoy F1 race at the Mungello race circuit.

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4 thoughts on “Ferrari Celebrates 1000th F1 Grand Prix at Tuscan GP

  1. Interesting post. Really caught my attention even though formula in general isnt really that interesting in my opinion. Hopefully you continue delivering content like this in the future too!  

    By the way, do you write about other motorsports? Like Rally or motocross? That would be amazing if you did!

    And one last question… Do you like Kimi Räikkönen? He is my favourite, even though I don’t follow formula

    1. Hi Naikler, I do write about other motosport series but not so often as my main focus is Formula One at the moment. Yes I do, he’s a the 2007 F1 champion, down to earth individual, affectionately known as the “Iceman”, great driver of all times. Thanks

  2. Hello Joel, it’s really nice to see that this company has come a long way to the top and I feel really good about it because it’s not an easy thing for any company to make it to the top and seeing them celebrate make me really happy. I would like to see them go on with competition and make it more fun

    1. Thanks Justin, that’s true Ferrari competed in every F1 race since its inception and they’re are still in the championship, no doubt about that. Thanks to them for making what the sport is now.


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