The Red Bull Ring – SPIELBERG

The Red Bull Racing Circuit, SPIELBERG



The Red Bull Ring is the headquarters of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing F1 Team situated in the mountainous Styrian Region, Spielberg, Austria. The race track is naturally a tourist attraction point especially during the GP race weekend where a lot of visitors flock the area. The circuit is mostly accessible by road and rail (200 km from the city of Vienna) or air transport, 85 km from the town of Graz.




The Red Bull Racing Circuit, SPIELBERG

The Red Bull Ring circuit was formerly the  Österreichring, which hosted the Formula One racing spectacle from 1970 to 1987 and later under the name A1-Ring from 1997 to 2003. The A1-Ring was redesigned by Hermann Tilke. After being purchased by the Red Bull energy drink company in 2011, Formula One included the Austrian GP in the 2014 race calendar. Apart from Formula One events, the circuit also hosts MotoGP, Red Bull Air Race World Championship and DTM series events. The Red Bull Racing track is 4.318km long characterised by eighteen (18) tight corners and several straight sections.




The Red Bull Ring scenery

The Red Bull Ring is earmarked to kick start the 2020 Formula One calendar with back to back races in 5th July and 12th July. The circuit continue to play an integral part on the Formula One calendar events.



The circuit is considered “Category A” as per the FIA classification system, having gone through upgrades and modifications to meet the F1 racing circuit requirements. The Red Bull Ring remains one of the prestigious and iconic circuits in the European season of the F1 calendar.



Red Bull Ring






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  1. Your post on Red Bull Ring Spielberg is impressive and informative. The images are strategically located. I like the post.

    I have always thought that GP was an American innovation and head-quartered in America. But this post opened my eyes to reality – it is in Spielberg, Austria.

    The images I saw on the site itself are breath-taking. I don’t know how many people that have seen such pieces of technology. There is a lot one can learn from this post including distances to the race track, by air, road, or train.

    It is also interesting to learn that through up-grade, the circuit is now considered a Category A per the FIA classification system.

    Many people in the racing world will learn a lot from the world’s iconic race track.

    I know that racing enthusiasts may not have any problems with the abbreviation ‘GP’. But laypersons like me may have. I may consider writing it in full first. Your post is good.

    Good luck.


    1. Thanks very much Cal for your comments and your time on the post reviewing it. The more of these comments the better for my website.


  2. Good one to see here that you are reviewing one of the very best formula one sites that can really help decide the phase of the formula 1 championship as they kick start it back. Thank you for sharing this here. This red bull ring spirlelberg actually boasts of the history better than what I had expected. Thanks

  3. Thank you for this informative post on the Red Bull Ring circuit.  It is great that the Formula 1 season is now on, albeit without any on-site spectators.  For those who followed formula 1 closely by television, this is great news.  And for the season to kickstart at the Red Bull Ring circuit is a bonus.  This circuit is very interesting and quite picturesque – lends well to TV coverage.  Would have been great of course with spectators.  But for now, we have to be content with TV coverage.

    1. JRandZen, thanks very much for your comments. It is how it is in the Covid-19 era, we just have to protect the fans, the Formula One teams, marshalls etc to make the events happen. Not much to do but to pin our hopes on tv coverage.


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