Hungaroring – BUDAPEST

Hungaroring Circuit – BUDAPEST











The Hungarian Grand Prix is hosted at the Hungaroring Circuit on the outskirts of the capital city Budapest. The circuit first hosted a racing event in 1936 where three teams participated, being Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo powered Ferrari and Auto Union.

In 1986, Hungaroring Circuit hosted the first Formula One race event at the village of Mogyoród  near Budapest. The race circuit is well known for its twisty and dusty features due to its under usage in the absence of Formula One events. The circuit had never experienced a wet race event until the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix.


Hungaroring Circuit – BUDAPEST

The Hungaroring is 4.381 km long with fourteen corners and usually overtaking during a race is non-existent due to narrow nature of the track, however, the track was modified in 2003 to allow more overtaking. The 1993 Hungarian GP symbolised the first race win for Damon Hill and the youngest GP winner Fernando Alonso took his first race win at the same circuit in 2003. In 2014, Jenson Button took a race victory under wet conditions having started the race from 14th position on the grid.



L. Hamilton 44 celebrates race win

Lewis Hamilton holds the most race wins, on seven (7) victories, at the Hungaroring track followed by Michael Schumacher with four race victories. McLaren are the only constructor with most race victories, having gathered eleven (11) and Williams sitting at seven (7) victories.

The Hungarian GP at the Hungaroring circuit will remain on the Formula One calendar for the next seven years, having renewed its contract in 2013.



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  1. This is definitely one of those tracks that I hope to have the opportunity to visit sometime in the near future. I had no idea that the track had to be modified to support more overtaking during the races. Thanks for the great read.            

    1. Hi Tony

      Definitely yes, Hungaroring is one of F1’s iconic circuits, so you need to visit the venue to experience it yourself. It is also in the 2020 F1 calendar, great for yourself and others.


  2. Wow, I am a big fan of the formula 1 since I watched Hamilton raced and since then I have had interest in racing so much that I intend to travel to watch one of the competitions soon. I have never witness a live competition but with the information I have seen here and how fine the raving track is, I would not mind traveling to Budapest to witness my first competition. 

    1. Hi Justin

      Hamilton has taken F1 by storm, he’s one of the most successful driver in the current generation, no surprise that he’s attracted so many to F1 motorsport.


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