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Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps



Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is home to the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix.  The circuit is located between the three towns of Francorchamps, Malmedy, and Stavelot in the forests and mountain region of Ardennes. Jules de Thier and Henri Langlois van Ophem designed the 7.004 km long circuit in 1921 and it first featured in the F1 calendar in 1950. Spa is well known to both drivers and fans alike for its unpredictable weather conditions and hilly terrain which spice up every race event held at this circuit.




Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

In 1979, the original 14km race track was reduced to 7.004 km, however, Spa remains the longest race track in the F1 calendar season. The race track consists of twenty corners piercing through the mountainous forests of Ardennes.  The first F1 race to be won on the newly shortened circuit was won by the French driver Alain Prost. The Belgian GP was given an honorary designation being the European Grand Prix six times between 1924 and 1973. The circuit has a capacity of 70000 spectators and is rated Grade 1 by the FIA.




Podium Celebration – Spa Francorchamps

Spa is one of the historic circuit in the world of Formula One, having started some years prior to the first F1 championship. The race circuit is one of the iconic F1 race track with very important memories in motorsport. In 1992, Michael Schumacher won his first of the ninety one (91) victories at Spa in a Bennetto and his seventh drivers championship title in 2004.  The late Ayrton Senna at Spa Francorchamps, had five (5) race victories, however, Michael Schumacher holds the highest number of race victories , six (6), at the same race circuit.

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are the current Formula One drivers with three race victories apiece at Spa Francorchamps. Scuderia Ferrari and McLaren enjoyed the most number of constructors wins at Spa-Francorchamps, eighteen and fourteen respectively. Besides being home to F1 races, Spa continues to host major events such as Spa 24 hours, FIA World Endurance Championship and others.



Spa Francorchamps





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  1. Thank you for the fun fact about CIRCUIT DE SPA FRANCORCHAMPS. I enjoy the beauty of F1 and just want to find out the history of it. This is fascinating that SPA is still the longest track. I have never been to Belgium yet but would love to visit the place and see it. This is where the Ferrari legend begins. 

    1. You are welcome, this formula would never stop amazing us and it would keep on doing that for generations to come.


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