Circuit de Monaco – MONTE CARLO

Formula One – Monaco Grand Prix – Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo, May 26, 2019



The Circuit de Monaco is home to Grand Prix de Monaco in the Formula One World Championship. The race circuit is located in the Principality of  Monaco, a sovereign city-state (microstate) on the French Riviera region in Western Europe. The Monaco GP predates the Formula One World Championship, the principality first held a GP race in 1929 but the circuit was incorporated into Formula One race calendar in 1955.

Most of the principality’s  revenue comes from tourists flocking the area due to warm whether conditions and the famous casino but also the low taxation associated with the principality attracts many millionaires  including the Formula One drivers.



Circuit de Monaco and harbour view area

The Monaco Grand Prix is widely considered one of the most important and prestigious  Formula One races in the F1 calendar, its  highly regarded as an exceptional and prestigious race event. The Circuit de Monaco is a street circuit through the municipality consisting of Monte Carlo and La Condamine which include the famous harbour.



Circuit de Monaco – Tunnel drive through

The race circuit is narrow, has gentle undulating elevation and tight or hairpin corners which makes it very demanding circuit to the drivers. Another notable feature on the race track is the tunnel which presents contrasting feelings to the race drivers on the entrance/exit as they have to adjust their vision accordingly and regularly.




Circuit de Monaco – track configuration

The Circuit de Monaco is one of the shortest circuits in F1 race circuits, just 3.337km long constituting 78 laps for a race event. The race event is slightly different from other FIA F1 events due to the start of Thursday practice sessions. The Monaco GP was scheduled at the end of May 2020 and was cancelled from the 2020 F1 calendar due to Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from hosting F1, the venue is also home to GP2 series, Formula 2, Formula E and Formula 3000 championships.

The late Ayrton Senna has the most race wins of six victories than any other past and present generation of F1 drivers. Five of those were won consecutively with McLaren between 1989 and 1993. Nico Rosberg has won the prestigious event three times consecutively with Mercedes between 2013 and 2015.



Circuit de Monaco






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