F1 Calendar, its practicality in 2020

The 2020 F1 season as it unfolded

The F1 motorsport 2020 season is one of its kind in the history of the sport, with speculative double headers on the cards, Silverstone and Red Bull Ring being seriously considered for this around early July 2020. The 2020 provisional calendar is so dynamic and unreliably changing based on frequent discussion outcomes and Covid-19 restrictions or at least simulations on compliance requirements. Had it not been the Covid-19 outbreak, the 2020 F1 season could be well underway, however to date, at least ten of the twenty-two races have been canceled. The season opener in Melbourne (Australia) was called off on the last hour had it not been one of the Mclaren team member who tested positive for Covid-19 pandemic.

Race cancellations

To all motorsport enthusiasts around the world, this is one word that is not in your vocabulary and hardly heard of around the circuits except in extreme situations. This has been the painful order of events in the first quarter of 2020 F1 season mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have seen prestigious F1 races like for example Monaco, Canada, France, China being removed from the calendar due to primarily health reasons and restrictions imposed on travel. The F1 fans have been somehow kept “busy” by watching virtual races which involved some of the F1 stars. The reality is that these are NOT actual races and they do NOT quench the actual racing appetite seen amongst fans. Fans are more interested in seeing the action at source but with the current circumstances the FIA had to comply and do what is right and sensible for the F1 motorsport.

Races without fans

Again due to the Covid-19 pandemic at least 50% of F1 races will take place without one of the most crucial stakeholder, the spectators. The chances are that all the scheduled F1 races will take place under close doors if the current COVID-19 situation does not improve over the course of 2020. The extreme social distancing measures put in place in all countries around the world will surely continue for a long period. This is also extended to the racing teams officials and marshals who will be operating at reduced numbers, if agreed upon, and also no VIP visitors at the paddocks. In order for fans to save their money on tickets, flights and accommodations, it is important to be familiar with race broadcasting times so that they can watch from the comfort of their TV sets. Please access some of the trending TV sets available in Amazon in preparation for the F1 2020 season:

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Possible change in air travel arrangements

It is not clear, atleast until we have a vaccine for Covid-19, on when travel arrangements will be eased or rather brought back

to normal. Formula one is a world sport, racing teams, fans and supporters alike follow the events around at specific venues staging the yearly spectacles. Since there exist travel restrictions from one country to another which is very detrimental to air transport, the picture looks very gloomy for travel industries. Some airliners like the Emirates are already looking at sitting configuration on their flights to allow for social distancing which may result in reduced capacity of aircrafts. Airports around the world are looking at implementing new guidelines and requirements to try to resuscitate the already ailing industry. This may change the outlook and performance of air transport industry for the long foreseeable future. The most important thing is the safety of passengers as regulations are being reviewed as a response to the pandemic continues.

Three months rest for the sport

The F1 racing teams have been brought to a halt since the cancellation of the Australian GP on March 15, 2020. To some this is an opportunity to catch up on the front liners while others it is a draw back in terms of race preparations and readiness. Teams like mercedes amg and red bull racing had already threatened the front row of the grid following their good performance during the testing sessions at Circuit de Catalunya in Spain. The good momentum built during the off-season, especially on the drivers has been tremendously derailed and this remains to be challenged when the seasons start in July. The other competitors such as ferrari, mclaren and renault had a slow start at the winter testing however, these teams are not supposed to be counted out as they can quickly adjust and come to the party. The midfielders are yet to show their true 2020 package potential.


In other news on the F1 driver market, we have seen Seb Vettel parting ways with the prancing horse (Scuderia Ferrari) come the end of 2020 season. Carlos Sainz has since moved in the opposite direction, from McLaren to Ferrari and this eventually triggered Daniel Ricardo to make a move from Renault to McLaren. All these movements have somehow shut the door for Vettel for the 2021 season but a lot can happen in the last 7 months before the start of the season.


As news and guidelines evolve around the Covid-19 pandemic, the F1 motorsport fraternity and other sporting codes are on high alert to salvage any available opportunity that may arise. It is safe to say the 2020 F1 calendar is challenged to the limit and time will tell whether the season will get underway as expected. The plans are in place as the FIA stipulates but the only worry that is left unresolved, at least by far, is getting the fans to the events, it requires a lot of engagements, innovation and strict safety measures to say the least. So we’re all hopeful that the remaining calendar events would go on without putting in danger anyone associated with the motorsport events. So we can’t wait any longer as fans, for the 2020 F1 season opener at the Austrian Red Bull Ring in July, and the rest of the events that would follow thereafter, including updates on when the fans would be allowed to attend.

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6 thoughts on “F1 Calendar, its practicality in 2020

  1. Nice article indeed.  It is a matter of deep concern that due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic at least 50% of F1 races will be organized without any spectators. Yes, there are 7 months in our hand before Vettel for the 2021 season. I want to know the further developments regarding Red Bull Ring to be organized in July, 2020 on this website. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi SekharD, thanks for your view. I will definitely keep you posted on the Red Bull Ring event in July 2020.


  2. People talk about the Corona pandemic, but we better talk about the Corona hysterics. There needs to be a vaccine! Sorry, why, when 99.99% of infected people survive without a vaccine. Have you seen the German football in empty stadiums? Everybody hates it, its a circus. So it will be for F1. 

    If you are a normal healthy person, your body will do the work. Quarantine means you put sick people or people suspected sick and put them in isolation, not healthy people! Economies are being destroyed just because of another flu virus?

    People should be outside in the sun and get enough oxygen to build a good immune system. Lock them up and they will be infected, like 60% of the infected in New York. Let us stop this charade immediately, let us have our F1 races with supporters right now. As a Dutchman I am looking forward to it.

  3. It is very quite sad that such great events had to be cancelled. And worse still that we don’t know when spectators may return to the stands.

    I never knew drivers have been using virtual races though. How does this work? Do the actual sporting drivers use simulators?

    I hope things get back to normal as soon as possible!!

    1. Hi Steven, yes F1 drivers can enter the event or any other person who’s deemed eligible by the organizers. This is a live streamed event and one has to have a simulator at home as you have rightly said.


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