Experience the F1 2020 Race Events

Circuit de Catalunya - Spain

Experience the thrilling F1 2020 race events scheduled to start in July after an unprecedented halt following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The first set of F1 racing events will take place in Austria and Great Britain pending the acceptance of an exemption application to stage events under the current circumstances. The negotiations with the host governments remains to be seen whether the FIA will succeed in kick starting the motor racing spectacle as originally planned. Previously, a glimpse of how the teams prepared their packages was observed at the Circuit de Catalunya, Spain in the testing programme in February 2020.

Austrian GP

The Austrian F1 GP is scheduled to take place at the Red Bull Ring circuit on the 2nd – 5th July 2020 which almost halfway through the F1 2020 calendar. The racing event is one of those that will be staged without spectators should it be allowed to go ahead as planned. A double header is also on the cards for this particular race track.


The Re Bull Ring Circuit

The Red Bull Ring is the HQ of the Red Bull Racing F1 Team located in a brilliant countryside scenery in Spielberg, Styrian region of Austria next to the Alps Mountains. The racing track is in way a tourist attraction area especially during the Grand Prix weekend where a lot of people visit the area. The race track is mostly accessible by road and rail (200 km from Vienna) or air transport, 85 km from the town of Graz.

The Red Bull Ring circuit is 4.318 km long with two DRS detection zones. The race circuit is considered as “Category A” by the FIA having been on the F1 calendar since 1996. If you’re true F1 fanatic, it’s one of the ‘never to miss events’ in the entire F1 calendar!

British GP

The British GP is billed for the 15 – 17th July 2020 at Silverstone race track. As the Austrian GP, the event will be staged without fans and a double header is also being discussed to fast track the 2020 F1 calendar. Should everything go as planned, the F1 fans should be entertained with the familiar roar of the engines and the smell of rubber in the air around the circuits.


Silverstone Circuit

The Silverstone Circuit is the home of the British F1 Grand Prix, located near the towns of Silverstone and Whittlebury in Northamptonshire. The circuit has hosted the British F1 races since the 1950s and holds the current hosting rights. Access to the race circuit is via the city of Brackley (11km from the circuit) which is the home of Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team.

The circuit is 5.891 km long characterized by 18 corners and three DRS detection zones. The Silverstone Circuit is one of the iconic F1 race circuits with a capacity of 150k spectators at one given race weekend. The truth is that, this is the home of British motorsport, an event that is hardly missed by many.

A brush through the scenarios

If the latest FIA plan is to go by, that is, staging double headers in both countries, well and good but the risk is if the proposal is rejected altogether based on the current Covid-19 circumstances. This would not resonate well across the F1 race organizers, teams, sponsors and TV broadcasting entities and ultimately the fans as this would require a different approach or going back to the drawing boards.

Scenario #1 – Races held behind closed doors

This is hopefully the best and most likely scenario at least as per the FIA perspective – being allowed to stage the F1 2020 events behind closed doors for the first time this year. Well depending on how the host governments see it and the progress made on the uplifting of Covid-19 protocols (testing and extreme social distancing), if given thumbs up, well and good.

Scenario #2 – Rejection of FIA proposal by host countries

Paddock News

A scenario that everyone around the paddocks would dislike – rejection of the FIA proposal on the first races by the host countries due to Covid -19 restrictions as per host country’s view. This may result in bringing up a backup plan by the FIA and potentially delaying further the start of the races by another month or so. This would further deep dive and chop into the 2020 calendar which may result in forfeiting a couple of races and associated revenue.


Scenario #3 – Cancellation of the 2020 F1 racing season

This would surely be the worst case scenario – a year without F1 motorsport, a complete disaster where most F1 fanatics and teams alike would never want to hear about around the F1 paddocks. There is hope though, based on the careful and sluggish reopening of economies around the globe especially the resumption of rugby league in New Zealand and the Bundesliga in Germany.

Latest F1 news

  • Formula One teams limited to operate with 80 personnel at the race events throughout the 2020 season
  • The British PM Boris Johnson backs the British GP event
  • Potential “super driver pair” of HamiltonVettel pairing at Mercedes AMG Petronas team
  • Mercedes AMG driver Valtteri Bottas is linked with a move to the vacated seat by Ricciardo at Renault team
  • Formula One teams celebrate “Project Pitlane” – some F1 teams like Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault collaborated with renowned institutions to produce ventilators to show their contribution in fighting against Covid-19 pandemic.
  • F1 Team cost cap to be implemented in the 2021 season.


Having said that, there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of starting the F1 2020 season and everything seem to be slowly unfolding as the FIA tip-toes towards the starting line. So if anything is to go according to the revised plan and also keeping a very close eye on events on the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and all systems ready to hit the tarmac, fans are eager and optimistic to see lights out from the racing grid and the season is underway!

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  1. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. The impact of sporting events cannot be overemphasize, as it tends to bring joy and excitement to many. The Austrian F1 GP is not left out with it’s amazing racing activities that got me and my niece to predict the outcome of a race. I do wish it holds in July with spectators, as I have missed does beautiful moments

  2. Like every good Brazilian, I love football and I have always been a fan of F1. And loved Ayrton senna. When I was a child I used to watch every single race on tv. It is a pity to know that because of this Covid-19 thing, this year we probably will not be able to watch some of the races. And I still hope the authorities find a solution so that we all can at least watch it on tv as usual.

    1. Hi 

      We just have to be optimistic and hopeful that everything goes according to plan. We shall ride over the storm and succeed.


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