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I love to be called JK, short form for “Joel Kgomanyane”,  but I normally introduce myself to close friends and the wider community in social platforms as a seasoned Geoscientist in the exploration and mining industries. It may sometimes sound strange for those who have just seen my biography to learn that I have an underlying passion and love for motorsport, especially Formula One.

This site, myf1world.com , was specifically created to all motorsport fans around the globe with particular focus on Formula One Motorsport, affectionately known as F1. Let me talk about myself and how I got into the world of Formula One without wasting your time.


My name is Joel Thabo Kgomanyane, born and raised in the small town of Lobatse, southern Botswana. I was born in a family of six children, two boys and four girls and am the last born child in the family. Our family is historically poor and this has made me to believe that I can change this curse.

While I was still at high school and university level my two sisters and a brother passed on. I spent most of my primary school years with my lovely mother but completed my high school with my father at his workplace. Unfortunately my father also passed on in 2005, five years after I have completed my bachelors degree. Am married to my beautiful wife, Ponkie and we are blessed with three handsome boys.


Like I have mentioned in the last paragraph, I have a bachelors degree in Geological sciences from the University of Botswana. In addition, I also have an MSc in geostatistics from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. Because of all these put together, I happen to be the breadwinner in the extended family and things are not easy, especially when one is also expected to support the in-laws as well.


I believe I have array of sporting activities that I follow, ranging from motorsport, baseball, football (called soccer in the US), and sometimes tennis. Am not a good traveller, probably due to my limited budget but I like visiting new places that I have never been to and occasional shopping excursions.  I also like technology, current affairs news and reading geoscience articles.


Formula One motorsport is one sport that I  really feel so attached to and it all started with my college years when myself and my buddies we could really take the video games to another level. We used to play the animated racing games until very late into the night such that sometimes my course marks degraded, that was part of life in the late 1990s!!

Until then I did not have any particular Formula One team that I supported until the early 2000s during the dominance of Ferrari and the remarkable Michael Schumacher, that’s where it started embedding in my heart and blood. So I started as a Ferrari fan and then switched over to Mercedes in 2013 and never looked back. I think the other influencing factor was the introduction of Lewis Hamilton by McLaren as a rookie driver in 2007, for me that was a turning point, and the gentleman went on to win six world titles, one with McLaren and five with Mercedes AMG Petronas.

So I have a good and rich history of F1 motorsport that I feel I should share with every F1 fan including the latest news and events, technology and venues around the world.

This website will assist you with information on F1 events, race calendars, paddock experiences, merchandise and tickets to prestigious F1 racing circuits around the globe.

Thanks for passing by, and please provide feedback.

Joel Kgomanyane

2 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi Jk, thanks a lot for sharing your personal information. I am sorry for your losses, and it must be so hard to lose people so close to you. I can tell you are very passionate about the formula one, and it always helps to feel somebody’s passion for a particular interest. 

    My husband is very interested in formula one, and we had a trip planned to Europe this year. We had in mind for him to a formula one event in England but as the trip is cancelled due to Corona 19 it this will not be happening, and we are unsure when we can reschedule this trip.

    I will give my husband the details of this site so he can stay up to date for a future race he may be able to attend.

    Which Formula one race in Europe would you recommend if you could choose to pick one? 

    Have a great day.


    1. Thanks Jude for the encouraging words, sometimes it’s not easy out there….Well I would suggest you check for the Italian GP and the YAS MARINA (Abu Dhabi) which closes the season. You are more than welcome to pass on the information about my site, stay posted for more news and information.

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